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Custom Made Jewelery





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Throughout my childhood and adult life I have been involved in some type of artwork. Ceramics, oil painting, watercolors, weaving, sewing and quilting to name a few.

My journey working with silver and other metals came at a later time in my life. Some years ago a very talented lady invited me to join one of her metal working classes; fold forming and I discovered that working with metal felt right to me. I love the look and feel of the different metals. So I started taking every class that I could find. I so wanted to learn everything that I could. I have continued learning from many other Jewelry Artist. The Jewelry you see that leans toward the Native American style comes from a class taught by a 5th generation Navajo Silver Smith.


The next step in my Silver/Metal Smith Jewelry Artist Journey was learning how to cut, shape and polish my own stones. So the stones that you see in my jewelry are done by me. I have become somewhat of rock hound because now I enjoy finding stones that I can collect and polish.


My jewelry is not just an accessory, but an expression. My pieces aren’t about buying into what mass media tells you what you should be, but about finding a piece that speaks to the individual and echoes their personality. I believe jewelry can influence the way you feel; it can say and mean something very different to each person.


Each piece of jewelry, be it a necklace, ring, bracelet or earring, is an original one of a kind creation that is hand made in my design studio


Thank you for supporting handmade and enjoying and collecting my creations.

My Story...

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